How To Build Self Esteem – Terry Hawkins On Self Awareness (Video)

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Building self esteem is critical for anyone. Fellow Aussie Speaker, Author and Educator, Terry Hawkins shares some valuable wisdoms about self esteem and self awareness. She explains that self esteem is circumstantial, so it can go up and down. That if we become self aware, we can work out if it’s either outside of ourselves or inside of ourselves. Watch the short video to get the full meaning and share with your friends if a light bulb went off in your head, as it did for me.

I was so glad to have interviewed her on the red carpet. Being a Mother, Author, Enterprise Trainer, Business owner and Philanthropist, she understands the complexities of our multi faceted lifestyles. Learn more about Terry on her site, or follow her on Twitter at @TerryHawkinsUSA.

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