Shame & Vulnerability In The Workplace.

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Shame & vulnerability in the workplace, showed up for me as dysfunctional behavior, self-sabotaging behavior, self-loathing behavior’. ‘Success camouflaged all of my unworthiness’. Even when I was in the top 100 of 120,000 sales agents worldwide. It was almost like the success didn’t mean anything because underneath shame was running the show.  (Click the image below to watch the video) You see, we don’t get to separate out, our personal life, and our business life. Shame insidiously infects our self worth, our self esteem, our confidence, the choices that we […]


Tips on How to Improve Self Esteem

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What is self esteem and how can we improve our self confidence? Kristina Johnson has been running self esteem workshops for 11 years for people dealing with issues from domestic violence to obesity.  What is self esteem? Self esteem is how you view yourself.   How does one recognize if they have low self esteem? Kristina explains that it can be discovered when a person examines their internal dialogue. In other words, ask yourself what you are saying to yourself. That can be hard to pin point if you don’t have […]


How To Build Self Esteem With Self Love – Kouch Time

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Building self esteem starts with self love. Confidence and loving yourself suffers when you are picked on, called names and bullied… it’s not always the words that hurt the most, but the energy behind them. Adolescence seems to be the time that we are bullied or cut down the most and the time when what others think is most important to us. Being able to look at yourself and love yourself is so important. Some people struggle with low self esteem and we as a community, family, friends, can help […]


Pole Dancing to Soul Dancing – Christine Macdonald’s Story

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Pole Dancing to Soul Dancing I love that and soul dancing is her new story. “Stripping for the first time I felt pretty; people were giving me money for how I looked.” Christine is an author, speaker and self diagnosed recovering narcissist. She is also extremely brave to share with the world, details of her past in hopes of helping others.  At age 14, Christine was diagnosed with a skin disease that left her face severely scarred. By 19 she was working as an exotic dancer and by 21 was a drug addict. How […]