Reward Yourself, It’s Important

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  Reward Yourself With Positive Reinforcement Gifts Something I’ve always done is reward myself for hitting major milestones and goals along the way. It’s really important, guys, that if you’re setting huge, audacious goals, that you reward yourself for those milestones along the way. It can be anything from a cup of coffee to a diamond ring—whatever is in your budget. One of the things I love is these beautiful bracelets by mantra band. They’re affordable—starting at $25 and they are a wonderful way to remind and reward yourself of […]


How To Thrive As An Adult After Childhood Trauma

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As adult thrivers of early childhood traumas, we want to look to see how are we doing in our lives now. K Expert, Lisa Cypers Kamen is an international happiness Expert, a Positive Psychology Coach, Speaker and Author. We are talking about what happens when you go through some kind of trauma, particularly in your formative years that changes your life. Trauma that changes how we see the world are life interrupting occurrences that change the the way we see the world as children. The security and safety that we’ve […]