Kirsty Spraggon From KirstyTV In the Press

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Kirsty Spraggon From KirstyTV in the press this year with huge media names such as Forbes, Huffington Post, The Today Show and UCSB. Kirsty Spraggon From KirstyTV In The Press FORBES | How Not To Fail When You Try Something New ‘Kirsty Spraggon, motivational female keynote speaker, celebrated author and host of KirstyTV recently described how she motivated herself to overcome her conscious incompetence. For her, the stakes were especially high because she bet it all when she moved from Perth to Hollywood. Per Kirsty, “I sold everything I owned. Left Australia. […]


Teen Pregnancy – My Open Adoption Story

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Teen pregnancy changed her life forever. Her open adoption story of fear, hopelessness, healing and finally fulfillment. Juanita was just 14 years old when she got pregnant. Scared and unsure what to do, she hid her pregnancy for 6 months. When her mother found out, she forced her to give the baby up through adoption–something that sent her spiraling out of control for many years. She was finally able to get to a place of acceptance and through open adoption, she’s been able to reconnect with her daughter. In the […]


Miscarriage, Loss & Finding Hope: Her Story Mother of Six, Parenting One

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Miscarriage, loss and finding hope. A mother of six, parenting one tells her story. After four years of trying to get pregnant, my guest today, Ena and her husband went to see an infertility specialist. They went through rounds of IUI (Intrauterine Insemination) and IVF (In Vitro Fertilization), facing a devastating 6 losses before finally delivering their little miracle, a beautiful baby girl.  During our interview Ena was pregnant again. When I asked her how she was feeling about this pregnancy she replied, “Excited, yet scared because of the history […]


KirstyTV Fan Video – Celebrating 1 Year & 100K Views!

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KirstyTV hit 100,000 views on our 1 year birthday! We are now 1 year old and 100,000 views strong! Our fans are the best and sent in their birthday wishes and congratulations. Thanks for celebrating with us!! We are on a mission to spread the healing to 1 million people this year! Help spread the inspirational and positive true stories of overcoming adversity by watching and sharing the show.  ‘Someone asked me what the coolest thing about speaking is and I told them; it’s the opportunity to make a difference. […]


Tips on How to Find Success Everyday

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How to seize the day! Carpe Diem! I met Jasmine through the Oprah and Owners community. Jasmine has an inspirational blog called, Carpe Diem that I really love. Carpe diem is an aphorism usually translated “seize the day”, taken from a poem published in the Odes in 23 BC by the Latin poet Horace. She read it in high school and loved the meaning ever since. Jasmine tells us that seizing the day is really about being mindful, present and appreciative. Most people think about seizing the day as having […]


Give Yourself Space To Create

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I love my work so much that I often find it hard to stop and take a break, I really have to force myself.  What’s great about this time of year is that we are forced to stop. Over Christmas and New Year most places shut up shop and it’s a time to be with your family and stop all the busyness and craziness that of the build up towards the end of the year. This forced time off is a great refresher as we prepare to start the year […]


What To Do When Fear Tells You To Stop Chasing Your Dreams

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Living your dreams! It’s a bit of a roller coaster when you are on the entrepreneurial path or you are living your boldest dreams. There are inevitable ups and downs. You don’t always know why, but something will come up, usually fear. You may second guess yourself and think that you can’t continue on this path, which is completely normal! In one of my past K Diary videos called, ‘Pre Launch Jitters Of KirstyTV ‘Kmart Meltdown‘, I was a little teary and emotional. I realized that I was feeling insecure […]


You Suck Until You Don’t

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You suck until you don’t. Literally. You are bad until you are good. I’ve noticed that people who want to go after your dreams, are bad until they are good at it. You might really suck in the beginning. No one is born a really good speaker and though I am good at it now, I struggled at the start. Even when you have a natural talent and a gift, you are still going to have a lot to learn about your talent and craft. If you think you have […]


Your Work Drive is Like Your Sex Drive – Bring Back the Passion in Work

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Bring the passion back into your work life, just like your sex life. I was talking with a guest this week about bringing back desire in the bedroom and it got me thinking about my lack of desire for my work.  Ever get tired of your business? These are some of the things that I do to get my work mojo back: RELAX. Just like getting in the mood, you might have to go take a bath. Sometimes you have to take a step backwards before you move forwards. We think […]


Sexual Passion in Marriage Long After the Honeymoon

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Let’s talk about bringing back desire! Ande Lyons is here to talk to us about how to have a passionate relationship. When Ande met her partner 28 years ago, they had instant chemistry. Over the years they have been able to keep that chemistry alive because they cultivate it. Usually when you first fall in love the feelings of euphoria last for about 18 months. They’re lust levels dropped when they were trying to have a child and having multiple miscarriages. To help her get through the time when they […]


Persistence to the Point of Almost Stalking Pays Off

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OWNers, this is for you! Paolo Presta and I shot some extra footage and an interview all about what is was like for Paolo to meet Oprah and how that changed his life. Watch it to the end because we have some extra funny footage! I love Oprah, the OWN Network, Spoonful of Paolo and this amazing community who continues to support us and each other.     Oprah hit the road in her Wildest Dreams Bus back in 2004 to make people’s dreams come true. One of her stops was […]


Oprah Made Paolo’s Dream Come True

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Oprah hit the road in her Wildest Dreams Bus back in 2004 to make people’s dreams come true. One of her stops was at a family owned grocery store where my guest Paolo Presta worked. She offered this aspiring actor a speaking role on the TV show Will & Grace and it went down in Oprah’s show history as one of the best viewer surprises of all time. Paolo talks about his incredible experience on the Will & Grace show and how it felt to live his dream. At that […]


Obese Weight Loss Transformation

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  David Garcia tipped the scales at 402 lbs and has lost 158 lbs to date after meeting Richard Simmons on the Ellen DeGeneres Show. He’s sharing with us today, the details of his struggle as an obese man, what he did to lose the weight and how he keeps it off today. We talk candidly about the ups and downs of his journey to becoming a healthier person and what it was like for him to be overweight. Doesn’t he look amazing?! David knew he was obese, but hadn’t […]


Eating Disorders in America – Real Stories From Teens

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Eating Disorders – Recovery is possible In Western society, we have relative freedom of choice when it comes to thoughts and action. Yet the prevalence of eating disorders continues to climb, and the number of people partaking in destructive behaviors is reaching disturbing proportions. According to the National Association of Anorexia Nervosa and Associated Disorders, up to 24 million people of all ages and genders suffer from an eating disorder in the U.S. In addition, anorexia is the third most common chronic illness among adolescents and about 50 percent of […]


Anorexia – I Almost Exercised Myself To Death

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Anorexia, particularly Sports Anorexia is an eating disorder that started in her teens. Robyn Baker describes her journey to recovery and what was happening before she started an unhealthy relationship with her body, food and exercise. She was feeling intense pressure scholastically and her home life was unpredictable as her father was an alcoholic. She was overwhelmed and didn’t know how to handle the stress in her life. At an attempt to make herself feel better, she cut back on what she was eating because she noticed that girls feel […]


Childhood Obesity and How I Made It Out of that Dark Place

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My old roommate sits down for an impromptu chat and opens up about her private struggle as an obese child who was bullied and alone. She felt hopeless and lost which led to an eating disorder in her teens. Kristina finally found help and hope through great mentors and girlfriends. Kristina’s childhood issues stemmed from illness, obesity, parental turmoil and low self esteem. As a child, she was very sad and knew there was something better for her. She felt lost, but held fast to that little voice inside that […]


9/11 Twin Tower Survivor – Her Story of Shock and Healing Post Attack

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Photo of me at my desk in the World Trade Center, September 7, 2001   In remembrance and honor of 9/11, I sat down with a survivor of the attack of that fateful day.  Michelle Rosado was in Tower II of the World Trade Center when Tower I was hit. Today, 12 years after the attack on American soil, we recorded our interview on Google Hangout as she shared the details of that morning and her journey to healing and recovery. I had never heard an account of the morning […]


9/11 – She Was in Tower II

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      I had never heard an account of the morning of 9/11 in this much detail until I met the amazing Michelle. Watch our interview, read the timeline of events below and leave your comments. Thanks for watching and sharing Michelle’s story. Will I Recover? by Michelle Cruz Rosado  Taking the elevator to the 95th Floor of Two World Trade Center was something that had become a mindless, involuntary action for all of us who worked there. Our offices at Fiduciary Trust had consisted of the 90th to 97th […]


Freedom Comes From Forgiveness

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In light of recent events with the murder and trial of Trayvon Martin, Boston bombing and the shooting at Sandy Hook Elementary, I’m sharing a beautiful work of love and truth by Author, Speaker and Kirsty TV guest, Chappale Burton. If anyone knows the power of forgiveness, it’s this man who was abused as a child by his step father and witness the murder of both of his parents as a young boy. Watch our interview about his childhood trauma after the article at the bottom of this page. I […]


Healthy Marriage After Sexual Abuse – Haneef’s Follow Up Interview

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A healthy marriage after sexual abuse has been one of my guest’s triumphs after being sexually abused multiple times in her teens. My guest found healing that allowed her to live a healthy life not defined by her past abuse. At just 15, Haneef Jordan was gang raped and then at 16 she began to endure daily sexual abuse at the hands of a trusted family member on her way to school. This set her on a course to self destruction for many years. I am happy to say she […]


Healing After Being Molested & Raped As a Teen

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Sexually abused multiple times in her teens, my guest found healing that allowed her to live a healthy life not defined by her past abuse. At just 15, Haneef Jordan was gang raped and then at 16 she began to endure daily sexual abuse at the hands of a trusted family member on her way to school. This set her on a course to self destruction for many years. I am happy to say she is now happily married with two beautiful children and is using her voice to make […]


Tips on How to Improve Self Esteem

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What is self esteem and how can we improve our self confidence? Kristina Johnson has been running self esteem workshops for 11 years for people dealing with issues from domestic violence to obesity.  What is self esteem? Self esteem is how you view yourself.   How does one recognize if they have low self esteem? Kristina explains that it can be discovered when a person examines their internal dialogue. In other words, ask yourself what you are saying to yourself. That can be hard to pin point if you don’t have […]


How To Build Self Esteem With Self Love – Kouch Time

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Building self esteem starts with self love. Confidence and loving yourself suffers when you are picked on, called names and bullied… it’s not always the words that hurt the most, but the energy behind them. Adolescence seems to be the time that we are bullied or cut down the most and the time when what others think is most important to us. Being able to look at yourself and love yourself is so important. Some people struggle with low self esteem and we as a community, family, friends, can help […]


Self Love – Learning To Love What’s Difficult in Yourself Will Change Everything

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Self love and self acceptance is something Peggy O’Neill struggled with for many years due to low self esteem. Peggy was born a little person. She’s gone on to become an inspirational speaker, author and psychotherapist and she shares a message of how to love what’s difficult in yourself. The tough part began when she was a little kid. At about 4th grade is when she realized that she was going to be small for the rest of her life and recognized the stigma that society placed on her as a […]


Oprah’s Lifeclass Helped Amy Baumgardner Recover and Heal

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 My experience on Oprah’s Life Class was both exciting, because I’m meeting Oprah, and terrifying. I had no idea how the audience, Iyanla, Oprah or my town was going to react.  I was nervous to share my story but I also felt I needed to do it.  I discussed it over and over with my husband and we both came to the same conclusion.  How can I attempt to reduce the stigma of addiction and recovery if I don’t have the courage to share my OWN truth.  So, I boarded […]


Why He’s HIV Positive and Not Scared Anymore

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An HIV positive diagnosis is something no one is prepared for. My guest, Ken Williams was in the prime of his life when he tested HIV positive. Ken, also known as “Ken Like Barbie” is an award winning blogger who seeks to erase the stigma that shames so many who live with the HIV virus. He writes and speaks about being HIV positive by telling his own story, publicly, as it unfolds. July 23, 2010 is the day that Ken tested positive for HIV. He was 26 years old.  He had just […]


Connecting With Clients – Relationship Building With Speaker Kirsty Spraggon

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Soft is the new strong. Sharing is important and something we struggle with. How can you be willing to be vulnerable enough to connect with other people? We do business with people we like and we like people that we feel connected with. The only way to do that is to know something about them that isn’t about business. So create experiences! Wether it’s a bowling event, training or a personalized card on their birthday. Find a way to share an experience with them that anchors them to you. Compliments […]


Gay at Eight Years Old & Learning to Accept It

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    Lonnell Williams is a LGBT advocate and supporter it is his life’s work to change the stigma attached to many in this community but especially for black african american gay men. He has a huge heart and spirit to help others.  He shares with us, his own personal story of coming out as a gay man; the highs and lows of the journey. How he told his father that he was gay and how he came to accept that he was gay. His  online show, Pillow Talk is so fun–he […]


Rainn Wilson of SoulPancake – Your Own Rap Song

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Rainn Wilson is an actor most known for his Emmy-nominated role, Dwight on the American version of The Office. Wilson founded the website SoulPancake. Since its launch in March 2009, it has had over 1 million visits, and has been featured on Oprah Winfrey’s Satellite Radio Show. I love Rainn’s website, SoulPancake so much because there they tackle all those huge life topics that we all think about but don’t always ask. It’s is a place to speak your mind, unload your questions, and figure out what it means to be human. Their […]


David Copperfield – Your Own Rap

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David Copperfield is the first living illusionist to be honored with a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame. Oprah says he is the “greatest illusionist of our time.” I met David Copperfield in Vegas at his show at the MGM. His ticket sales are in the billions–more than Frank Sinatra, Elvis and Michael Jackson. I was truly amazed by his talent. I thought he would get a kick out of having his own rap song. Click the play button on the player above. I did this because out of nowhere, […]


iJustine – Your Own Rap

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Justine Ezarik is a viral video comedian, internet celeb, actress and TV host. Most people know her as YouTube celebrity, iJustine. This girl has nearly 3 million subscribers and more than 430 million video views across her five YouTube channels! iJustine is one of the most-subscribed female personalities on YouTube… super impressive!  iJustine cracks me up so much that I thought she would get a kick out of having her own rap song. Click the play button on the player above. I did this because out of nowhere, I had a whim […]

More Custom Rap Song – The Best $5 I Have Ever Spent On Marketing

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I have no idea what possessed me to order a $5 custom rap song on It was like one of those late night informercial moments when you end up with a snuggie.  But this crazy idea ended up being one of the smartest business decisions I’ve made. It was by far the BEST $5 I have ever invested in marketing! I am certainly a new fan. When I received the 1 minute rap song I laughed out loud! It was so hilarious to hear a rap about my […]


Shark Attack Videos

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In this actual video footage taken just moments after a shark attack. Paul de Gelder a Navy Clearance Diver talks about how there was no time for fear during the attack and how he had to make split second choices. Paul’s shark attack story starts when he left the Australian Army to join the Navy Clearance Team. He was at the Sydney Harbor, working on a counter terrorism exercise, in the water when he felt a huge whack on his leg. He was face to face with the shark, making eye […]


How To Thrive As An Adult After Childhood Trauma

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As adult thrivers of early childhood traumas, we want to look to see how are we doing in our lives now. K Expert, Lisa Cypers Kamen is an international happiness Expert, a Positive Psychology Coach, Speaker and Author. We are talking about what happens when you go through some kind of trauma, particularly in your formative years that changes your life. Trauma that changes how we see the world are life interrupting occurrences that change the the way we see the world as children. The security and safety that we’ve […]


How To Forgive Someone Who’s Hurt Us – Kouch Time On Kirsty TV

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How do I forgive someone who has hurt me so much? We all have asked ourselves that and want to know how we can move through those hard times and life altering events? Kirsty and friends discuss how to forgive when it’s hard. Sometimes intervention and counseling is essential, because there a need to form a new sense of security. Forgiveness is also key. Lisa tells us, “The forgiveness first has to be against the person that perpetrated these awful acts. It’s hard understand the concept that once we release […]


Shark Attack Survivor Paul de Gelder Talks About How There Was ‘No Time For Fear’

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Paul de Gelder a Navy Clearance Diver lived through a horrific shark attack. His in L.A for shark week being shown on the discovery channel. Here he talks about how there was no time for fear during the attack and had to make split second choices. It’s the choices in life that determine our happiness and it started pretty early on for Paul when he made some pretty bad choices leading him to be homeless at times. He encourages people to make better choices, the scary ones usually being the […]


Forgiveness Set Me Free From A Lifetime of Sexual, Emotional and Physical Abuse

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  There is a Buddhist proverb that states, “That which I do not forgive in you, lies unforgiven within myself.” At the age of fifteen I had already faced many challenges in my life. One of which was sexual abuse at the hands of my stepfather when I was fourteen. My mother and father were estranged at that time and had been divorced for a few years. The lack of acceptance with this occurrence brought me to a place where I needed someone in my life that would be acting […]


Behind the Scenes Scoop – Season 2 Wrap Up (Video)

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Get the behind the scenes scoop of day 1, season 2 of Kirsty TV! I was just exhausted after a full day of shooting. Two to three weeks beforehand I’m lining up the guests, writing the questions, doing the research, wearing the many hats it takes to build a talk show. I love my crew who helps out tremendously when it comes time to show. Last night I was so filled with joy and excitement about all of the guests we’ll have on Kirsty TV. I was actually dancing in […]


5 Stages To Get Back To Your Happy Place – K Expert (Video)

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Dealing with change happens in 5 steps. Know them and get happy again without getting stuck in one of the 5 steps. K Expert, Kristina Johnson is an Occupational Therapist and Rehabilitation Specialist (they call it “The Job of Living”). She sits down to talk with Kirsty TV about how to deal with life’s uncomfortable and significant changes. So, what are the stages that people go through when they go through something traumatic or significant changes in their life? The five stages of significant life changes: DenialAngerBargainingDepressionAcceptance How do you […]


Kirsty TV on The Today Show – ‘THE NEXT OPRAH’ (Video)

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I am so excited The Today Show covered my story about building Kirsty TV–what an incredible experience. Their title ‘The Next Oprah’ is an honor but massive shoes to fill. I am a huge Oprah fan and can only hope to have half the career she has had. Oprah has conducted over 30,000 interviews over a 25 year career. I on the other hand, am just at the beginning of my journey with just over 30 interviews. She left such a mark on the talk show space I think anyone […]


Cystic Fibrosis Isn’t Stopping Claire Wineland – Surviving and Thriving (Video)

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Cystic Fibrosis isn’t stopping Claire Wineland, she’s surviving and thriving! I interviewed one of the most inspiring teens you’ll ever meet. Claire is an inspiration to all people coping with Cystic Fibrosis and everyday challenges. She’s the founder of Claire’s Place Foundation, author of her book, Every Breath I Take, Surviving and Thriving With Cystic Fibrosis, a speaker at TED Talks and a guest on many talk shows. I am honored to share her inspiring and truly amazing story here on Kirsty TV. When I first met Claire it was […]


How To Deal With Problems: Are You A Survivor or a Thriver?

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How to deal with problems and life’s challenges can be easier than you think! Kirsty and friends sit down to discuss the difference between the survivor and the thriver on Kouch Time.  “It’s how we relate to the issue that is really the issue.” @KirstyTV #KouchTime “It’s our decision, not our condition.” @KirstyTV #KouchTime Most people stay in the “why me”. The difference on how people respond to life’s challenges is the difference between the survivor and the thriver. A support system is very valuable and necessary. Coping strategies also […]


Custody Battle, What It Takes To Fight For Someone You Love

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Custody Battles & Fighting for your rights. What does it take and what would you fight for? In this episode of Kouch Time, I talk with my friends about the sacrifices we might have to make to fight for what we believe in or people we love.  When I watch a great movie like Conviction (a true story) starring Hilary Swank, where ‘A working mother puts herself through law school in an effort to represent her brother, who has been wrongfully convicted of murder and has exhausted his chances to […]


How To Build Self Esteem – Terry Hawkins On Self Awareness (Video)

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Building self esteem is critical for anyone. Fellow Aussie Speaker, Author and Educator, Terry Hawkins shares some valuable wisdoms about self esteem and self awareness. She explains that self esteem is circumstantial, so it can go up and down. That if we become self aware, we can work out if it’s either outside of ourselves or inside of ourselves. Watch the short video to get the full meaning and share with your friends if a light bulb went off in your head, as it did for me. I was so glad […]


Video – Richard Simmons: Tutu, Fairy Wings And All

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Meeting Richard Simmons for the first time was everything I expected it to be and more. His loving nature and silly eccentricities are infectious!  I had never interviewed a man in a tutu, covered in crystals before. It really was quite an experience. I first met Richard when I went to work out at his studio, Slimmons in Beverly Hills.  There, I met so many fabulous people & one of his oldest members a 73 year old woman who was so alive with energy and excited to be there, maintaining […]


Unbind Your Heart, Know Your Power & Take A Sabbatical From Men If Need Be

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I adore Agapi Stassinopoulos and her message of love and unbinding the heart. For more info on her latest book you can go to  These are my favorite “tweetables” from our interview:  –  Share your heart and your truth and make everybody feel welcome. #KirstyTV –  Share yourself, share your gifts, share what you have. #KirstyTV –  Share your heart, live in your heart, nothing else matters. #unbindingyourheart #KirstyTV –  If you want to know your power, don’t give it to anything or anyone. #KirstyTV –  Take ‘a sabbatical from […]