Self Love – Learning To Love What’s Difficult in Yourself Will Change Everything

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Self love and self acceptance is something Peggy O’Neill struggled with for many years due to low self esteem. Peggy was born a little person. She’s gone on to become an inspirational speaker, author and psychotherapist and she shares a message of how to love what’s difficult in yourself.

The tough part began when she was a little kid. At about 4th grade is when she realized that she was going to be small for the rest of her life and recognized the stigma that society placed on her as a small person. People called her a dwarf, midget, small fry and she began to see a “stamp” that was placed on her, something that implied that she wasn’t as good as everyone else because she was different. Her self esteem was at a very low place. By the time she was in her 30’s she was suicidal. Peggy explains what made her feel so unlovable and how bullying played a major part of that. She talks about keeping your eye on your true self and becoming bully-proof.

It can be difficult for many to learn to love themselves. Share this episode to share Peggy’s message of the healing power of knowing your self worth. Here are some of Peggy’s tweetable quotes from our interview:

“You have to take on that commanding personality. You have to be bigger than it.” #KirstyTV

“I’ve gone from being suicidal to being able to celebrate my own uniqueness.” #KirstyTV

“The greatest gift has been to understand that I have a true self and a false self.” #KirstyTV

“I use to believe that the degree of my lovability was measured by how much romance I had in my life …” #KirstyTV

“I believe that my lovability is measured by joy and depth and delight of each and every moment. That’s how I define it now.” #KirstyTV

The biggest transformation that she’ s had in her life is learning that potent love comes from all sorts of sources. She shared with me –

I used to believe that the degree of my lovability was measured by how much romance I had in my life- how much I was the “special” one for another, how much I was enraptured with the love from another.

Now, I look to how many blessings I am showered with each and every moment. Not only is this a much more accurate measure, but also allows for so much more happiness!

Peggy O'neill

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