Rap Contest! Cool Prizes Through Sharing Online

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I made a rap song and music video! Believe it. 

I decided to spread the fun even further and get some raps songs made for friends, popular YouTube vloggers, and celebrities, so they to could have their own rap songs! They will be released daily this week. We want to go viral with this thing, so I’m throwing in some prizes for those who share any of the rap songs or any of my posts this week. It’s that easy, all you have to do is SHARE the fun over the next 5 days. Just use the hashtag #TeamKirstyTV and/or mention @KirstyTV when you tweet and tag KirstyTV on Facebook so I can see your share. 

How to Help Us Go Viral & Win Prizes:

1. Go to the Kirsty TV Facebook Page and click the ‘share’ button directly from our wall on any posts from this week. Or tag @KirstyTV in a post.

2. Retweet any of the @KirstyTV tweets on our wall this week. Or tweet the link to our rap songs using the hashtag #TeamKirstyTV. 

3. Copy & tweet this – Hilarious parody rap video starring #KirstyTV This is gold! All done with $5 on #fiverr Watch – http://ow.ly/nIWU2 #TeamKirstyTV


Our top 5 friends who do the most sharing will chose their prize from the list below! Unless someone wins it first it’s yours! The competition closes Los Angeles time at midnight on Saturday August 10th, this will be a Sunday for my fellow Australians. The sweet prizes are:

A Custom Rap Song For Anyone of Your Choosing

Fiverr.com Customer Rap Song

 The Badass Cool Rapper Chain Necklace Featured in My Rap Music Video

Cool Necklace Rapper KirstyTV Contest

My Book and CD Set

Work As If You Own It by Kirsty SpraggonAchieve Business CD Set

iPod Shuffle Loaded With KirstyTV Episodes

iPod Shuffle

 Live Coaching Call With Kirsty Valued at $500 – Ask Her Anything!

Kirsty Spraggon

Thanks for being a part of the fun and growing Kirsty TV! Check out my video diary about the transformational experience of becoming a rapper and shooting the music video. I was only a rapper for 48 hours and still I copped some attitude and swagger.

You can watch the release of my Rap Song for Kirsty TV here. I don’t know what made me buy a rap song, but it was by far the BEST $5 I have ever invested in marketing! It’s pretty hilarious.

Stay tuned to www.KirstyTV.com for more exclusive and uplifting interviews. We will be sharing inspirational stories from everyday people, celebrities and experts every week.


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