Power Of Vulnerability

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The power of my vulnerability when I spoke my truth on that TEDx stage was that ‘my connections deepened rather than weakened’. You see I spent so long, 18 years in fact, allowing my fear brain to run the show, telling me that if I were to come out, if I were to talk about these things, that everyone would reject me. I spent so much time focused on that I never, ever gave any real thought to what this could look like, if I were to open up. Do […]


MantraBand On QVC With Brand Ambassador Kirsty Spraggon

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MantraBand appeared On QVC With Brand Ambassador Kirsty Spraggon sharing this incredible product with the QVC audience. Live from the studio she shared on facebook just hours before this post. ‘No pressure just a million or so people watching … nervous excitement is kicking in. Here’s a few behind the scenes pics as I get ready to go on air in 3 hours. Tune in on QVC at 7.45pm PST / 10.45pm EST tonight. Eeekkk!! Or shop online www.qvc.com search mantraband. So excited for my clients at Mantraband‘.   Check out Mantraband at Mantraband.com/KirstyTV […]


It’s not the mountains we conquer but ourselves

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It’s not the mountains we conquer but ourselves. Sir Edmund Hillary. This quote is something I had seen my entire life and I finally understood it… I finally understood it is NOT the mountains we conquer but ourselves, what does it mean to conquer ourselves? to do our inner work? For me climbing up that mountain at Huayna Picchu it was like being in a little petri dish, that showed me what I believe we go through daily. I have climbed 2 physical mountains in my life but I have […]


When we numb pain, we numb joy

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“The research shows that when we numb pain, we numb joy.” Now pain may be one word for it, another might be discomfort, fear… What I realized was that you need to be best friends with fear, whether you like it or not! I started working on a project shortly after that TEDx talk I gave, and I learned something that changed the way I think & feel about fear, and pain, and discomfort. I worked with a psychotherapist who said to me, “The research shows that when we numb pain, we […]


Vulnerability – Why The Best Leaders View Vulnerability as a Strength

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Vulnerability is something leaders like Howard Shultz, CEO of Starbucks value. He once said, “The hardest thing about being a leader is demonstrating or showing vulnerability… When the leader demonstrates vulnerability and sensibility and brings people together, the team wins.” We still have many organizations that seem to think that being vulnerable is unnecessary or a negative. That it implies you’re weak. Vulnerability researcher Brene Brown says ‘There’s no way to opt out of vulnerability. You do do it–so if you’re not aware of how you do it or how you deal […]


Female Motivational Speaker – Kirsty Spraggon Live

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Female Motivational Speaker – If that is what you’re looking for at your next convention then Kirsty Spraggon is the speaker to wow your  conference attendees. When clients are specifically wanting to have a woman speak Kirsty is always at the top of the list. She is motivational, inspirational, authentic and high energy. This Aussie speaker is based in the US and is guaranteed to hit a home run at your next event. You can see in the multiple videos below, that showcase Kirsty and how she brings a deep vulnerability […]


Courage Motivational Speaker – Kirsty Spraggon ‘Best Keynote Speaker’

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Courage Motivational Speaker, Kirsty Spraggon uses that one word as the premise of her 3 topics. That one words is the focus of the 3 COURAGE topic’s that international speaker Kirsty Spraggon speaks on. See below details on all 3 programs or click here to watch some videos of Kirsty live on stage speaking about courage. Courage To Succeed –  Personal Leadership & Mindset ‘OVERCOME OBSTACLES AND STEP INTO YOUR POTENTIAL’. Self awareness is the key to self mastery, dealing with change & achieving success. Having the courage to look within […]


Kirsty Spraggon – Meet The Motivational Speaker

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Kirsty Spraggon, motivational speaker. Went from real estate phenom to fearless motivator, Kirsty Spraggon is an inspirational force to be reckoned with. Having lived in 7 cities and traveled to over 40 countries, she is an award-winning, global speaker, author, producer and talk show host and knows what it takes to lead with courage and fearlessly go after your dreams. Click here to see her live in action. Ranked in the top 1 % of 120,000 sales agents worldwide with Re/Max and awarded the ‘Hall Of Fame’ Kirsty’s courageous story […]


I have herpes

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I have herpes. ‘My heart is beating outside of my chest, terrified at the very thought of speaking these words  aloud, still after all these years. But I want to share my pretty little secret with you. I have herpes. Such a simple little sentence. 3 little words, but so hard for me to say. For a long time, I didn’t even call it that, I couldn’t even say the word, herpes. I would call it X. I would write in my journal, X. X everywhere. X marked the spot. […]


Face Your Fear – Motivational Female Speaker Kirsty Spraggon

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Face your fear. It’s not always that easy I know. Easier said than done but I have learned that there is no other way. You must hold fear’s hand. A few years ago I went Ziplining in the only underground cave in the world, in Louisville Kentucky. It’s dark, you’re a 100 feet underground, you get given a light on your helmet. Now, my light, I got the dud one. Somehow these things seem to happen to me, so mine started to flicker, and about half way through the zip […]


Where might fear be robbing you of your dreams?

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As a motivational speaker I often speak on overcoming FEAR. Click the image below to watch a short video clip on this topic. Some time back, I had an epiphany ‘that everything great in my life has always had fear attached to it’. If I think back at say 18 years old when I was traveling on a plane for the first time, or 20 years old going to Europe & traveling around the world on my own, 21 years old entering the real estate industry, being one of the few young […]


Oprah’s Office Visit At OWN Network

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Oprah’s office at the OWN Network and a visit on a Friday night….wow! I’m still coming down from Cloud 9. This weekend was non-stop fun! So what happened….we’ll I met this amazing community on twitter and friendships grew with a community of like-minded people who also love all things O (especially her private office) and support her beautiful vision that is her new network OWN. So fast forward 5 years and they decided to fly into L.A and created a weekend retreat for ‘OWN ambassadors‘ which started off with going to […]


Dear Margaret Wheatley – ‘Be Brave Enough To Start A Conversation That Matters’.

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Dear Margaret Wheatley, your quote ’be brave enough to start a conversation that matters’ touched the core of my soul & provided me with the courage to speak my truth. Yet I didn’t know anything else about you until yesterday. You most likely have no idea who I am either, yet you have had the most profound impact on my life and our connection has set in motion a ripple effect out into the world. I printed out that quote and posted it on the front cover of my journal almost […]


Secrets & The Transformational Power Of Truth

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Secrets ruled my life for decades…and sharing my secret was one of the hardest & best things that I have ever done. What would you do, if you weren’t afraid?  That very question was something, that I wouldn’t have answered 2 years ago, to myself let alone publicly. I believe that we all want to be seen, to be fearless, to live authentically, and yet most of us hide, in big and small ways. Research shows that one of the biggest fears that leaders have, is what others will think […]


Mantraband – My Latest Obsession

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Positive Thoughts Disarm Negative People It was the night before a big conference in Los Angeles and I ended up at a dinner where I met a guy who was just what we call a little bit of a “negative Nancy”. He was a bit of a dream crusher and just really left you feeling like a piece of poop. The next day, I’m in my bathroom, getting ready and I’m thinking to myself, how do I get rid of the negativity from this guy? Why am I letting him […]


Reward Yourself, It’s Important

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  Reward Yourself With Positive Reinforcement Gifts Something I’ve always done is reward myself for hitting major milestones and goals along the way. It’s really important, guys, that if you’re setting huge, audacious goals, that you reward yourself for those milestones along the way. It can be anything from a cup of coffee to a diamond ring—whatever is in your budget. One of the things I love is these beautiful bracelets by mantra band. They’re affordable—starting at $25 and they are a wonderful way to remind and reward yourself of […]


Affirmations Outsmart Your Subconscious

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Affirmations are something that most of us are familiar with or have heard of at some point or another. So what are they? Affirmations are affective when we say a positive thought or belief over and over again to affirm it and anchor it into our brain so it sticks. We actually have the capacity to rewire our brains! To fire off positive thought neurons in there. The problem is that on an average day, we’re saying thousands of negative things inside our head most of the time, to ourselves. So, […]


Chase Your Dreams – Motivational Speaker, Kirsty Spraggon

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Chase your dreams! Following your dreams sounds really exciting doesn’t it? Sometimes the reality isn’t so glamorous. The reality of writing a book, for example, is 9 months of blood, sweat, and tears. A bit like a pregnancy; by the end, you just want it out! And then when it’s out, it’s like a child; you love it, you’ve forgotten all about the pain, and you’re ready to have another one. The reality is that you might work from 7am to midnight sometimes. It can be hard, but most of the […]


Sales Calls Increase Business in 5 Days!

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I want to share with you one quick tip. It’s something that you can apply to your business straight away. Get back to the basics when it comes to following up. Often we meet tons of people throughout the year. We network or meet, but we aren’t disciplined about our follow-up. This year, my sales buddies helped keep me accountable to making 7 sales calls a day, 5 days a week. By the end of the first week, I had to slow down to 4 sales calls per day! I […]


Overcoming Fear Starts With This

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Overcoming Fear Can Feel Like Climbing Mount Everest Did you ever start to think, I don’t know that I can do this? Have you ever had one of those moments? When that incessant chatter in your head tells you that you can’t go further? That you should give up? On a seemingly impossible hike, I felt the sun beating on my back as exhaustion set in. I asked myself what I would normally do in business when fear crept in. What would I do if I think I couldn’t do […]


Follow Your Vision – Trust Your Instincts

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I followed my vision even though I didn’t know where it was leading. How I started an online talk show that helps people all over the world find healing.   Today we are going to turn the tables around on me. Tania is one of my amazing and beautiful assistants who helps me with everything KirstyTV. In this video, she interviews me and asks me how the vision for KirstyTV started. The vision started with the fact that everyone has some adversity that they’ve gone through in their life. It really […]


Oprah’s The Life You Want Tour

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  Oprah’s The Life You Want Tour did not disappoint. The energy was electric and infectious. The crowd wen’t absolutely wild as she rose from the ground up on to the stage, rock star style. Epic would be too small a word.   It is difficult to find the right words to describe the emotions I felt entering the arena. I almost wanted to weep. It was awe-inspiring to see what one person could create. Can you imagine filling an arena full of people all there to hear you speak? […]


Dear Ted Baker

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Dear Ted, I absolutely love your dresses and have worn them everywhere from the recent red carpet BAFTA awards in Los Angeles to the cover of Speaker magazine and in front of 1000’s of people on stages all over the world. The lemon yellow dress is one of my favorites and holds a special place for me as we used it in all our KirstyTV launch marketing. I hope you enjoy this video we made and smile as much as we did making it for you. I would love to […]


Your Eat Pray Love Adventure

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Has anyone seen the movie Eat Pray Love or read the book? I love this book, because she took herself on an adventure and on a journey of self discovery. For her it was through eating in Italy, praying in India and finding love in Bali. She found herself.  For me my journey, my greatest adventure has been being an entrepreneur, or perhaps I should say in becoming an entrepreneur. It is has been my greatest love.  If you asked successful business owners if it has been one of their […]


Deepest Secrets Revealed In Viral Music Video To Mary Lambert’s Song

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The ‘Secrets’ song, has taken the world by storm. Mary Lambert shared her secrets with the world and now we are sharing ours. Join us in erasing the stigma and share your secret too! Use #SoWhat and post your secrets on facebook, twitter or instagram. Tag us at @KirstyTV. If you aren’t ready to share your secret, you can still support us by sharing these women’s secrets. Sharing our deepest secrets gives other people “permission” to do the same and let go of shame. Be a light for someone else […]


Speaker Magazine – Kirsty Spraggon On The Cover

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Speaker Magazine. Kirsty Spraggon On The Cover Of The National Speakers Association Magazine. The Industry Speaker Magazine has only 10 issues a year and 100,000 speakers to choose from. Top female speaker Kirsty Spraggon was featured on the cover this month. Kirsty said ‘I’m honored to be featured on the cover of this month’s media mania issue! for NSA (National Speaker Association) Magazine’. You can check out the link here to the 4-page feature article. We wondered if Richard Simmon’s tutu had anything to do with their decision? For more […]


Motivational Female Keynote Speaker Kirsty Spraggon – “Best Keynote Speaker”

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Motivational Female Keynote Speaker, Kirsty Spraggon is a must see speaker if you’re wanting someone to inspire and motivate your attendees at your next conference. If you are looking to hire the best motivational keynote speaker for your conference then email kirsty@kirstyspraggon.com for her latest topic brochure & information. Kirsty speaks all over the world on inspirational and motivational topics including: How to live your best life, achieve your dreams and succeed as an entrepreneur. Kirsty is an international keynote speaker on the courage to succeed, the courage to connect & […]


Kirsty Spraggon From KirstyTV In the Press

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Kirsty Spraggon From KirstyTV in the press this year with huge media names such as Forbes, Huffington Post, The Today Show and UCSB. Kirsty Spraggon From KirstyTV In The Press FORBES | How Not To Fail When You Try Something New ‘Kirsty Spraggon, motivational female keynote speaker, celebrated author and host of KirstyTV recently described how she motivated herself to overcome her conscious incompetence. For her, the stakes were especially high because she bet it all when she moved from Perth to Hollywood. Per Kirsty, “I sold everything I owned. Left Australia. […]


KirstyTV Talk Show Reel – Inspiring Stories That Heal

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Welcome to KirstyTV, a new inspirational talk show about the power of sharing stories. I believe when people share their stories they heal themselves and they heal others. Each week, I interview everyday people, celebrities and experts of all kinds of topics that we all go through in life. Join the conversation. Sign up for the newsletter and find us across our social networks where we chat every day about issues that matter. Some of the topics and amazing stories we have covered are listed below. Click on the links […]


KirstyTV Fan Video – Celebrating 1 Year & 100K Views!

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KirstyTV hit 100,000 views on our 1 year birthday! We are now 1 year old and 100,000 views strong! Our fans are the best and sent in their birthday wishes and congratulations. Thanks for celebrating with us!! We are on a mission to spread the healing to 1 million people this year! Help spread the inspirational and positive true stories of overcoming adversity by watching and sharing the show.  ‘Someone asked me what the coolest thing about speaking is and I told them; it’s the opportunity to make a difference. […]


3 Universals To Healing That All My Guests Share On KirstyTV

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Hi I’m Kirsty Spraggon from KirstyTV! here on our show we are all about sharing our stories so that we can heal ourselves and heal others. My guests have been through huge adversity in their lives from rape, to human trafficking, eating disorders, depression, shark attack survivors and more. But how do we move forward from that ? there are 3 universals principles that I have seen in all my guests stories. That they use to move forward in life. 1. MAKE MEANING OF WHAT HAPPENED They find a way […]


TEDx Talk – STD’s, Shame & Secrets

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 TEDx Talk – STD’s, Shame & Secrets.  I shared my story deepest secret on stage. Everyone reading this most likely has a secret or something they don’t share with others that holds some shame, guilt or stigma and is possibly something they keep bottled up for fear of rejection & judgement. The stats vary from 1 in 3 to 1 in 8 for most things…someone reading this will suffer from depression, suicidal thoughts, or have been a victim of child abuse or bullying, been raped, had a eating disorder or addiction–the […]


I Have An STD – Herpes Secret Revealed At TEDX

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I have an STD. I have herpes and shared my secret with the world in a TEDx Talk in Malibu. I believe that you are only as sick as your secrets and I was 18 years overdue for some healing. Watch my TEDx talk below and read further down for the truth about secrets and how anyone can make their dirty ‘lil secret into their pretty ‘lil secret.  I Have An STD – Herpes Secret Revealed 1. BE COURAGEOUS ENOUGH TO BE VULNERABLE. It is scary, embarrassing and uncomfortable to […]


Give Yourself Space To Create

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I love my work so much that I often find it hard to stop and take a break, I really have to force myself.  What’s great about this time of year is that we are forced to stop. Over Christmas and New Year most places shut up shop and it’s a time to be with your family and stop all the busyness and craziness that of the build up towards the end of the year. This forced time off is a great refresher as we prepare to start the year […]


You’re Only As Sick As Your Secrets – TEDx Talk

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‘You’re Only As Sick As Your Secrets’ my TEDx Talk title really says it all.  I am honoured and excited to be presenting at this years TEDX Malibu Through building my talk show KirstyTV and hearing people share their deepest darkest secrets from incest to rape, to eating disorders and addictions. I have seen first hand the impact of keeping secrets & the damage that guilt and shame does. To the incredible healing powers and sense of freedom that comes from sharing our secrets. It takes courage, vulnerability & guts to do it but it is […]


Break This Rule At Work

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You’ve heard, “Don’t mix business with pleasure”. Those who were brought up in the sales industry 20 years ago were trained not to do business with friends. I like to break those rules because what has worked really well for me has been mixing business with pleasure and doing business with friends. We know all the psychology reports suggest we do business with people we like. That doesn’t mean they have to be like us. We have a lot of relationships with people that are not similar to us, but […]


What To Do When Fear Tells You To Stop Chasing Your Dreams

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Living your dreams! It’s a bit of a roller coaster when you are on the entrepreneurial path or you are living your boldest dreams. There are inevitable ups and downs. You don’t always know why, but something will come up, usually fear. You may second guess yourself and think that you can’t continue on this path, which is completely normal! In one of my past K Diary videos called, ‘Pre Launch Jitters Of KirstyTV ‘Kmart Meltdown‘, I was a little teary and emotional. I realized that I was feeling insecure […]


You Suck Until You Don’t

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You suck until you don’t. Literally. You are bad until you are good. I’ve noticed that people who want to go after your dreams, are bad until they are good at it. You might really suck in the beginning. No one is born a really good speaker and though I am good at it now, I struggled at the start. Even when you have a natural talent and a gift, you are still going to have a lot to learn about your talent and craft. If you think you have […]


Your Work Drive is Like Your Sex Drive – Bring Back the Passion in Work

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Bring the passion back into your work life, just like your sex life. I was talking with a guest this week about bringing back desire in the bedroom and it got me thinking about my lack of desire for my work.  Ever get tired of your business? These are some of the things that I do to get my work mojo back: RELAX. Just like getting in the mood, you might have to go take a bath. Sometimes you have to take a step backwards before you move forwards. We think […]


Have Fun Building Relationships With Clients – Relationship Building With Kirsty Spraggon

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It’s okay to have fun building relationships with clients (I promise). We can get so caught up in thinking what’s important everyday is the pile of emails. The Protestant work ethic is so engrained in us that unless work feels difficult and challenging, we don’t feel we are working hard enough. We worry that maybe we are having too much fun. If we’re out networking or spending time by the water cooler to chat with a colleague, we don’t see it as valuable. But what I know is that when […]


Easiest Way to Get in a Successful State of Mind – Relationship Building With Kirsty Spraggon

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The easiest way to get in a successful state of mind is by far my favorite method. To get pumped and excited by using music that shifts your energy. When I was in sales, I would queue up songs in a playlist that would energize me at 7pm, when I was exhausted and just wanted to go home. I would use different songs for different things. One for speaking at a meeting, one for closing a sale, etc. We can also use music for the reverse–for calming ourselves down. When […]


Connecting With Clients – Relationship Building With Speaker Kirsty Spraggon

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Soft is the new strong. Sharing is important and something we struggle with. How can you be willing to be vulnerable enough to connect with other people? We do business with people we like and we like people that we feel connected with. The only way to do that is to know something about them that isn’t about business. So create experiences! Wether it’s a bowling event, training or a personalized card on their birthday. Find a way to share an experience with them that anchors them to you. Compliments […]


Fiverr.com Custom Rap Song – The Best $5 I Have Ever Spent On Marketing

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I have no idea what possessed me to order a $5 custom rap song on fiverr.com. It was like one of those late night informercial moments when you end up with a snuggie.  But this crazy idea ended up being one of the smartest business decisions I’ve made. It was by far the BEST $5 I have ever invested in marketing! I am certainly a new fiverr.com fan. When I received the 1 minute rap song I laughed out loud! It was so hilarious to hear a rap about my […]


Compliments Are As Good As Cash To Our Brain – Client Relationships

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Did you know that paying people compliments activates the same reward center in the brain as paying cash? I was walking past a bank and I see this sign that says, ‘Hi. You look nice today.’ It brightened me up and made me smile so much that I had to go back and take a photo. You can use this reward trigger in so many ways. Perhaps add one to a statement when you’re asking someone to pay money. Do you pay people compliments? It’s so simple. Let someone know […]


Behind the Scenes Scoop – Season 2 Wrap Up (Video)

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Get the behind the scenes scoop of day 1, season 2 of Kirsty TV! I was just exhausted after a full day of shooting. Two to three weeks beforehand I’m lining up the guests, writing the questions, doing the research, wearing the many hats it takes to build a talk show. I love my crew who helps out tremendously when it comes time to show. Last night I was so filled with joy and excitement about all of the guests we’ll have on Kirsty TV. I was actually dancing in […]


Kirsty TV on The Today Show – ‘THE NEXT OPRAH’ (Video)

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I am so excited The Today Show covered my story about building Kirsty TV–what an incredible experience. Their title ‘The Next Oprah’ is an honor but massive shoes to fill. I am a huge Oprah fan and can only hope to have half the career she has had. Oprah has conducted over 30,000 interviews over a 25 year career. I on the other hand, am just at the beginning of my journey with just over 30 interviews. She left such a mark on the talk show space I think anyone […]


Rapper Transformation – $5 Made Me a Rap Star With A Music Video

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The transformation from Kirsty to rapper happened as soon as I popped in my grill and rapper chain. Creative marketing can be so fun and cheap! I don’t know what moved me to buy my very own rap song on fiverr.com, but it’s the best $5 I’ve ever spent. I can’t wait to share it with you on Kirsty TV. Furthermore, I don’t know what moved me to make my own video to the rap song! So funny. Get creative with your marketing and think outside of the box!  Remember […]


Stretch Yourself With a New Experience Like Travel

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A new experience is something that stretches you and helps you develop into a stronger person! I was just on a radio show where I talked about the beginning of my personal growth journey. It really began when I started to travel at age 18. I’ve traveled to over 40 countries, most of them in my youth!   How did those experiences change me? Being so young and naive, they made me stronger and more independent. I grew so much during those years where I was in foreign land, scared and […]


It Is Not the Mountains We Conquer, But Ourselves Sir Edmund Hillary Famously Said… K Diary (Video)

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Spooky movie video diary! About the mountains we conquer and getting over our fears are some of our proudest moments, but they don’t come easy. I always think of Sir Edmund Hillary’s quote, ‘It is not the mountains we conquer, but ourselves.’ For me it is that mental and emotional journey that is the harder part than the physical part. What about you? Leave your comments. Remember to be conscious of the energy you emit and allow your passion, hope and excitement to shine through, especially in those tough times. […]


Dreams Big! How to Dream Big, What Is Your Dream & How To Make It A Reality

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Dream BIG !  Firstly What Is Your Dream? Figuring out what you want starts with listening to your heart’s desires, sometimes it’s a very small uncertain voice but the more you ask yourself what you want the more you will start to hear the answer. Begin by sitting somewhere quietly with a pen and paper and just ask; What do I really want in life? What would I love to do, be, see and have? Where would I like to go? What would you like to experience… share with loved […]