Book Of The Week: An Inside Job, Written By Our Guest DJ Verrett

Book: An Inside Job by DJ Verrett

DJ’S book is incredibly raw and honest and gives you an insight into a world many will never understand, life in prison. I love how he shares his journey through his process to self awareness and taking personal responsibility for the choices he made. His story is one of redemption and hope.

Get an inside look at our talk show guest’s life before his episode goes live in March.  You can buy his memoir on   I had the pleasure of reading it before I interviewed him for Kirsty TV.   For me, it was like reading the book before watching the movie, except this time, the movie (interview) was better than the book.  There is nothing quite like knowing someone’s story before hearing it from them.  Instant connection!

Stay tuned to for full episodes of our interviews, when our talk show launches in March 2013. We will be sharing inspirational stories from our interviews with celebrities, everyday people and experts.

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