Child Custody Battle to Keep Her Adopted Baby – Stacey Doss & Operation Vanessa (Video)

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Stacey Doss is an incredible woman who has spent the past 4 years in a bitter custody battle fighting to keep her little girl whom she’s raised since birth. One million dollars later, with mounting legal fees that forced her to file for bankruptcy, she shares her story with us on Kirsty TV.

Stacey’s case was a landmark win in the area of ‘adopted parent vs biological parent’. Today, she has custody not adoption, which always hangs over her head. Nevertheless, she shows unwithering courage in this long fight.

She told me, “I have experienced generosity of human spirit in a way that I have never experienced before.” The outpour of support from her neighbors, friends and strangers alike has been crucial in strengthening her will to save her daughter. People she didn’t even know were sending her money, nieces and neighbors sold cookies and lemonade… little or big, they found a way they could help.

Watch bonus clips of my interview with Stacey Doss:

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